Proton MX

Nasty Pop

Tone Force

The following are Extended Plays (EP) produced between 2004 & 2011 in Amsterdam, Turin & Porto. Tracks and artwork are free to download and enjoy. Not for resale, seminal samples copyright of owners reserved. Click on cover for hi-res version picture of track / EP cover, click on song name to listen or ctrl + click download the track.

The Foursome Rise

Say What You Want “Raptor Mix”

original track by Andy Bell, remixed by AkA.

This is a freestanding mix, not official Andy Bell remix and not commissioned by Mute Records.

Nothing is Everything

this is about the importance about “nothing”

in the universe with Lawrence Krauss.

Hello Echo

What is an echo ? An echo is a boing gone wild. But it also know it’s short lived....


Your chance to enjoy a smooth & clean cut.

Perfect 120

Yet another tracks at 120 bpm

The Fearless

Bless Kaputt

This is a little track I don’t remember when it was made, and I had lost sight. Until now.

You Need Help

Simple & in your face.


Hard & Robotic.

Warm Leatherette Redux

Revisited. C by The Normal

Tone Force 03

Not for Cash.

Why Think ?

Clean your Ears, then think.

Bleep Blop Blimp

A tribute to “small” sounds.

Cabines Video

A tribute to Sex Shops

Good Boy Bad Boy

So you think you’re a good boy ?


A tribute to Sex Shops


A tribute to Life Support Machines


It’s only Chemicals


Sound mirroring experimentations

Nude Still NEW !

A rabbit skinny tribute


A tribute to dancers & their tummies

What you Want NEW !

What you you really want ?

Pure NEW !

To those who think they’d seen it all.

Go to Hell NEW !

Who said Hell was bad ?